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At Northern1, our clients and partners have access to our prenium ticket support system enabling you to write and get support in the following languages. (Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finish, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian, Polish, German, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.)

we are committed to provide a frictionless and seamless service experience. 

If you have a query on our service or need assistance with a policy or claim? Please form to create a ticket if you need help.

We normal respond within a few hours and maxium within next working day.

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we delight

In everything we do we aim to create delightful moments. Our goal is to treat all our customers fairly regardless of race or ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation, religion or belief, age or disability and exceed their expectations at any time.

team work

Effective, positive and honest cooperation between everybody in value chain is a basis for the good result.  We are open to team up with other brokers and partners for the best result for our customers. 


We encourage our customers and team speak out, express thoughts, concerns and give feedback. We communicate with our customers and team members in a friendly manner and with respect.


Hand in hand with the rules and regulations that we careully follow we support innovations and out-of-box thinking. We always believe if there is a will there is a way. 

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